paramate JavaScript API

User manual of the trinckle paramate JavaScript API.


The paramate JavaScript API is a web framework for simplified building of trinckle paramate configurator applications on a website. It is based on the underlying paramate HTTP REST API, that it uses to communicate with the paramate cloud servers.

The chapters of this manual cover

Module Structure

The API consists of five modules that handle different aspects of a configurator:

Module Name Description
configurator The core library. This is always required when using the JavaScript API.
controls This handles the interaction between paramate open parameters and manually generated HTML control elements.
controls-auto This handles the interaction between paramate open parameters and automatically generated HTML control elements.
viewport Manages the viewport when server-side rendering is used.
viewport-webgl Manages the viewport when using client-side (WebGL) rendering.

While the inclusion of the configurator module is mandatory for using the API, the control and viewport modules can be used optionally. However only one of the modules controls or controls-auto and one of the modules viewport or viewport-webgl can be included. Where to get the modules and how to include them into an HTML document is described in the minimal configurator example section.