Supported CAD systems

Which CAD systems are available for paramate?

For now, there are two CAD systems paramate is supporting: trCAD and Grasshopper 3D for Rhinoceros.

trCAD is the native CAD system for paramate developed by trinckle 3D. It is specifically made to be used for 3D model configuration applications. It is fast, scalable, and robust and optimized to work in a stateless cloud environment. trCAD is a script-based CAD system and comes with a wide range of functions for configuration. Open parameters are implemented natively.

Read our paramate trCAD instructions for details on how to start using trCAD within paramate.

For Grasshopper we developed a wrapper for supporting the open parameter concept and integrating Grasshopper into the paramate system.

Read our paramate Grasshopper/Rhino CAD backend instructions for details on how Grasshopper can be integrated into paramate.

We are constantly working on supporting more CAD systems and are open for suggestions.