Documentation for Components

Where to find documentation for paramate components?

paramate has a modular structure with different components. In the following graphics the structure of paramate’s components is shown together with links to the documentation or resources available for the specific component.

image/svg+xml FRONTEND APPLICATION PARAMATE API JS API JS API manual HTTP API HTTP API manual AUTHENTICATION Essentialauthentication info PARAMATE CLOUD CADSYSTEM CONFIGURABLECAD FILE CAD WORKER trCAD integration AccesstrCAD website SupportedCAD systems Rhino/Grasshopperintegration VISUALIZATIONSYSTEM RENDER FILES RENDERWORKER Quick-start withOpenGL/WebGL Visualization settingsvia JS API PARAMATE CLOUD ADMIN Access paramatecloud admin pmanconfigurator manager

The paramate API connects the configurator frontend with the paramate cloud. The API consists of three parts, the JavaScript API, the HTTP API and the Authentication layer. In the paramate cloud the most important components are the modules for providing CAD model processing and 3D rendering for visualization.

As a listing, the links to the documentation and resources for the main components are these:

Where to find documentation for paramate as a whole?

For general information about what paramate is and how it works, see our Technical Overview page. Our Getting Started page provides a step-by-step explanation to start your first paramate configurator project using the different components of paramate. Additionally, our Tutorials and Examples give hints for the usage of paramate as a whole.