Essential authentication info

What basics are needed to authenticate and connect an application with a paramate configurator?

At first please note, that normally all users have a free license that may be used for testing and developing and for non-commercial applications. This license is used for the default sandbox application that is registered automatically when setting up a new configurator in the paramate configurator admin. For learning how setting up a configurator in the paramate admin works, please read our Getting Started Tutorial.

For making a paramate configurator accessible from the outside, paramate comes with a JavaScript API and an HTTP API. For using those for an application, typically for web or mobile, this application needs to be registered within the paramate system. This basically means that an API Key is generated that is associated with that application. This key is needed for authentication when using the JavaScript API or the HTTP API. In addition, the Configurator ID has to be specified, one registered app with an API Key belongs to one configurator. A configurator can have more than one registered app, for example one for a mobile app and one for a web app.

For a registered app the API Key and Configurator ID can be seen when clicking on the info button (the little "i" icon) in the section "Registered Applications for this Configurator" at the bottom of the configurator setup page for your configurator in the paramate admin.

A popup is triggered showing the API Key and the Configurator ID plus a minimal example. This example can be used as a start for developing an own web app.

A new registration for an app can be added by clicking the button "Add Registration". In the popup that is triggered only the license needs to be selected and a name has to be filled in. The other settings are optional and do not have to be set. They can be used to add additional layers of security, like disallowing downloading of the mesh model to the web client.