paramate REST API

User manual of the trinckle paramate REST API.


The paramate REST API is a web API for using the trinckle paramate cloud service.

The chapters of this manual cover

General usage of the API

The API is accessible at the url

All endpoints use JSON as input and output (content-type: application/json;charset=UTF-8), unless otherwise specified (for raw file uploads and downloads)


There are two ways of authentication, depending on which part of the API is used:

API part Authentication type Description
configsessions anonymous token Requests related to one configuration session.
admin user token Manage the set up of configurators

Configuration Sessions

Configuration sessions are the main use of the paramate system. A session represents the user journey from starting a configuration of a model to downloading the final configured 3D model.

A typical session consists of these steps:


To be able to modify configurators, user authentication is needed. After successful authentication, the password can be changed, configurators can be created, modified, and applications can be registered to them.